Last update: 27 June 2019

    Competition and eligibility

  1. The GPRO World Cup is an unofficial competition for national teams of managers playing Grand Prix Racing Online.
  2. One edition of the GPRO World Cup will be held each GPRO season.
  3. All countries that are recognised as such in GPRO are eligible to enter the World Cup. Each country is represented by one National Team. Each National Team may consist of up to 8 managers from that country.
  4. Team Captains

  5. Each country has one Team Captain (TC). The TC determines the line-up for his/her country.
  6. A manager can only be the TC for their own country (as determined by their GPRO profile).
  7. A TC's term lasts for two editions of the GPRO World Cup. At the end of the term, the spot is up for election.
  8. The TC may appoint an assistant at any time. In the TC's absence, this assistant may carry out all of the TC's tasks as described in these rules.
  9. A manager who wants to become his country's Team Captain must announce his/her candidacy on the Elections page (only available if elections are ongoing). This must be done between the start of Race 12 and the start of Race 16 prior to the end of the current TC's term.
  10. In case there is more than one candidate for the same country, elections will be held by the GPRO World Cup organiser. All managers from that country will have one vote. Voting closes on the day after Race 17 at 12:00 CET (noon). In case of a tie, the first manager to announce his/her candidacy wins.
  11. In case there are no candidates for a country at the start of Race 16 prior to the end of the current TC's term, any manager from that country may step forward to become Team Captain without the need for an election (first come, first serve).
  12. National Teams

  13. A National Team consists of up to 8 managers from that country (as determined by their GPRO profiles). 6 of those managers will stay in the team throughout the entire duration of the season. The 2 other managers can be changed at certain times throughout the season.
  14. The first 6 managers who are selected for the National Team will stay in the team until the end of the season. Once they have been in the team during one race, they cannot be removed. The remaining 2 spots are temporary: the managers in these spots will be removed automatically after Race 2, 5, 8, 11 and 14. The spots can be taken again by the same managers or by other managers.
  15. A manager in the permanent selection of the National Team may be replaced after he/she has missed 2 races of the ongoing season.
  16. The TC may include him/herself in the National Team, but does not have to.
  17. No more than 3 managers in the National Team (permanent or temporary) may be a member of the same GPRO team.
  18. It is not possible to make team changes during a race (i.e. the deadline for changes is always at 20:00 CET on race day).
  19. Competition format and points system

  20. All managers in the National Team contribute to the National Team's points. The points scored for the National Team by one manager are his/her GPRO points (i.e. 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 for the top 8 finishers) multiplied by a factor depending on their tier:
    • 1 for managers in Elite
    • 0.8 for managers in Master
    • 0.6 for managers in Pro
    • 0.4 for managers in Amateur
    • 0.2 for managers in Rookie
  21. The GPRO World Cup consists of a league stage followed by a knock-out stage.
  22. In the league stage (Race 1 to Race 5), National Teams' points from all races are added up to form one ranking.
  23. The top 16 countries from the league stage will enter the knock-out stage which follows the same format as the official GPRO cups. Each round lasts three races; the country that performs better than its opponent in at least two out of three races will advance to the next round. The winner of the Final will be crowned GPRO World Champions.
  24. The top 8 countries from the league stage will be seeded. The countries finishing 9th to 16th will be randomly drawn into the knock-out stage bracket.
  25. Merging countries

  26. Small countries may merge into a joint National Team. A Team Captain who wants to merge his nation with other nations must announce this on the forums during the election period. The TC's election must be supported by at least one manager from each country in the merger. The merger is completed once the TC has been elected and is dissolved when the TC's term ends (after two seasons).
  27. All countries in a merger must be from the same continent or geographical region.
  28. A country may enter a merger if it has no more than 20 active managers at the time the intention to merge is declared by the TC candidate. For the purpose of this rule, an active manager is one that has missed no more than two races of the ongoing GPRO season.
  29. More countries may be added to a merger as long as the merger still does not exceed 20 active managers. For example, if countries A, B and C have 7, 5 and 11 active managers respectively, they may all enter into a single merger, because A+B does not exceed 20.
  30. A country that is part of a merger may not participate in the GPRO World Cup individually, and may not join any other mergers. If a country is selected to join two or more different mergers during the same TC election period, and both candidacies gain the necessary support, the candidacy that was announced first wins.