GPRO World Cup - tournament for national teams

The GPRO World Cup strives to find the strongest nation in Grand Prix Racing Online. The intention of this tournament is to have a balanced competition where larger and smaller nations can compete on an equal level.

Competition format

The World Cup lasts for one GPRO season. A national team consists of 6 permanent managers who are in the team throughout the whole season, plus 2 managers that can be changed at certain times. Every race, managers contribute points to their team if they finish their race in the top 8. The higher the manager's group, the more points they contribute.
From Race 1 to Race 5, a ranking of all nations is made. The top 16 nations will then advance to the knock-out stage, which follows the same format as the GPRO cup.

More information

For detailed information, please read the Rules. For further questions and discussion, visit the GPRO forums.